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My (MisterIXI) first robot. The chassis is improvised out of a carboard box. And the battery is quite overkill.

Part List

Part Quantity Price Link
Raspberry Pi 3 1 38€
SanDisk SD Card 32GB 1 11€
Adafruit Motorhead 1 29€
Powerbank 20000mAh Coolreall 1 22,99€
Cable for Motor connections [only used a small portion of this] 1 7,99€
Motor including wheels 4-pack 1 14,59€
USB A - Micro USB cable 1
Zipties a ton
Logitech C270 USB Webcam 1 24€
USB "reading light" 1
Usb powered AUX speaker 1 10,48€
cut USB cable to power hat 1
Carboard base as chassis 1